Users of Schoolshape

Customer appraisals

“Again I&;m so hoping to be able to use your site this year because I love it! Thanks so much!!” (Legacy Christian Academy, Frisco, Texas)

“Thanks again for your help and your amazing efficiency with Schoolshape. I am very impressed with the whole thing ... Absolutely awesome and a real time saver. Well done to your team!” (King&;s College School, Canterbury)

“I am a teacher of French and Italian and have recently started using Schoolshape as part of my French teaching. It is fantastic!” (The Beacon School, Buckinghamshire)

“The kids love it and so do the parents... I&;m totally convinced that this is a wonderful tool and I&;m determined to make it part of our French routine at Craigclowan.” (Craigclowen School)

“BRILLIANT! Thanks for your great customer service and proactive support!” (S. Anselm&;s School)

“Great customer service!” (Cheam School)

“The program is very impressive and the support has been exceptional.” (Lockers Park)

“Let me congratulate your team for such an incredible didactic resource.” (Kids College)

“What would we do without Schoolshape?!” (St Phillip&;s)

“The YouTube functionality is a real gem. Toutes mes félicitations!” (Craigclowan)

“I would like to say how brilliant the system is. We shall certainly be encouraging all of our feeder schools to use Schoolshape. Congratulations!” (Malvern College)

“I really want to tell you that I love your program. It makes our life as moderators far easier.” (Wellington College)

“I thought it a fantastic way to moderate the speaking tests and the thought of ever going back to posting of tapes and feedback forms sends a shiver!” (Blundells)

“I have been uploading some German and I just want to say again what a delight your uploading system is. It works like a dream!” (Revilo Language Resources)

“We have been using Schoolshape much more this term with the younger age of pupils at St Mary&;s in Melrose and they are loving it.” (St Mary&;s Preparatory School Melrose)

“The boys really enjoyed completing the work during the holidays” (Durston House)

“Schoolshape has excited some teachers to the point that they are looking forward to coming back to school!!! :) :) :)” (The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida)

“The Schoolshape app for iPad has revolutionized our pupils&; learning, by offering them a stable platform which is a lot of fun to use and is also really user friendly.” (King&;s College Cambridge)

“It is an amazing program” (Fletcher High School)

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it to be one of the more useful ones that I have ever attended.” (Fletcher High School)

“I am so impressed with how easy you have made it for faculty to create activities for students. It is a very well designed language lab... I could go on about all the features I like with the Schoolshape system...” (Marist College, New York)

“The children who use iPads say that they work best and have found this a much better way of doing their work.” (St Mary&;s Melrose)

“Every once and while someone sends me a super French site. This is one. For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level Students. Don&;t miss this one.” (Jim Becker, University of Northern Iowa)

“The French Department have been using the language lab full on and our pupils are excited about making full use of it.” (Papplewick School)

“This spring, I finished trials of five products. This was by far the easiest to use with the widest range of functions at a reasonable price.” (Boston Trinity Academy)

“Schoolshape is such a great way to carry out the oral exams!” (The Elms School)

“I have moderated my Common Entrance Speaking Tests and all worked well on your excellent system.” (Radley College)

“I would recommend Schoolshape to other MFL assistants. I particularly like the school’s own resources page.” (Bishop&;s Stortford)

“Many thanks for your support with Schoolshape. We have been using it for 5 years now and we are very happy with this online recording of the speaking exams” (Thomas&;s London Day Schools (Clapham))

“Have now figured out how I´m going to use your site. It is really GREAT! I will also recommend your site to the entire teacher community here in Sweden :-) ” (Adult Ed, Sigtuna Kommun)

“Having just finished the last oral without a hitch this year, may I thank you and your team all the same for the superb service Schoolshape provides making the whole difference to these exams. It is just as much appreciated as ever.” (Aldro School)

“I&;m a BIG Schoolshape fan for many reasons, and your support during Distance Learning is just another bonus! My students were very familiar with Schoolshape before we left the classroom, so the transition to home learning has been less stressful for all of us... They have been able to do speaking, reading, writing and listening tasks so I know they are practicing all their skills.” (Garden Grove High School)

“When we went to virtual learning last spring, Schoolshape was an especially helpful tool. Losing the in-class oral component of class was hard, but having the students do recording and other activities in an easy-to-use, organized fashion was great.” (Raleigh Charter School)

“Our school has been using Schoolshape for many years and it has hugely simplified the administration of our French oral exams. Being able to enter the marks after each candidate, and having the scores calculated and displayed here and there is super useful. Submitting the recordings to Senior schools with a simple click is also incredibly easy. There are usually no issues, but if help is needed, the support team is extremely responsive and helpful. Highly recommended! ” (Sandroyd School)

“I have several students for the second year in a row, and one of the first questions they asked was if we were still going to use Schoolshape and were disappointed when our first quiz was on paper!” (Garden Grove High School, California)

Schoolshape Language Laboratory Case Studies

Bradfield College

Schoolshape Examination Entry Users

Over 140 schools have adopted the Schoolshape Online Examination Entry system. Many have used it for their mock examinations and for online submission of the CE Speaking Tests since 2010.

Over 120 senior schools have agreed to accept online submission of the CE Speaking Tests in addition to cassettes, CDs and mp3s. For the current list, see information for junior schools.


Online Examination Entry Appraisals

We have received the following feedback for the Examinations Entry System:

From junior schools:

"I think the online examination entry is a brilliant concept, having spent years in secondary schools doing orals onto tapes/ CDs/ sound files and sending them off to exam boards. It is so easy!" (Dragon School)

"The program is very impressive and the support has been exceptional." (Locker&;s Park Prep)

"Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated. The boys have really enjoyed using the software. I think it feels very grown up and they’ve taken their exam preparation
very seriously." (Eaton Square Prep)

"Schoolshape has made our lives MUCH easier and removed a lot of the hassle associated with CE. It’s also reassuring that you get back to us so quickly." (Edgeborough School) Thanks again

"All finished this year. Thank you both very much for the by no means small part you played in steadying nerves and easing the process with your forbearance, ready responses and expert back up," (Cargilfield)

"I have done the Speaking Test and it worked! Much better than carrying taperecorders,
cassettes, paperwork and everything else!" (St.Philip&;s Prep)

"I would just like to congratulate you and your team for what is shaping up to be a very
successful pilot project. I clearly believe that this is the way forward. I have been
extremely grateful for your speedy answers to my questions and just
for your general support." (Cheam)

From senior schools:

"Our experience of using the Schoolshape system this year has been a very positive one. It is a very clear, straightforward and easy system."  Harrow

"I have just submitted the online moderation and found it very easy to use. The recordings were clear and it was simple to use the cursor to locate different parts of the exam. This system is a huge improvement over the use of cassettes. It is certainly more efficient and I would have thought has considerable benefits for prep schools and senior schools."  Pangbourne

"Just completed first online evaluation. What fun!  It was fabulous. No more fiddling around trying to find the right cover sheet, or the correct audio track etc. Clear information, good recording. More of the same please!"  Roedean

"As a receiving Senior School, we were impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the Schoolshape system and would certainly encourage other prep schools to use this method of submission in place of the recordable CD system currently utilised."  Ewell Castle
"This system is an excellent intiative, SO much easier than unwrapping cassettes and sending them back. I hope this becomes the norm in future"  Radley
"The system was great and would save a lot of hassle if all schools submitted orals in this way!" Canford
"A lot easier, and the sound quality is much better too. Can we encourage everyone to use it?"  Dauntsey&;s 
"The recordings sound fine and I had no trouble accessing them.The website is really good and makes it much easier for me to moderate."  Bedford
"The site is very nicely designed and easy to use and a digital system is potentially a much less cumbersome process for all concerned." Sherborne Girls&;

"I have moderated the two centres who used this facility and found it easy and effective. Would be very happy if it were used more frequently."  St.Paul&;s


"The scheme worked well for us (one student only) and we would be happy to use it again."  Ampleforth

"I did find the software very useful and easy to use."  Dulwich College